Back it: Fox & Chicken by Michael Fox

Michael Fox from The Little Metal Dog Show and Sprocket Games has a new game on Kickstarter called Fox & Chicken. It’s a family friendly take on Werewolf and I’m in love with the art. It’s funny, witty, and perfect for a game of friendly cunning.

Fox & Chicken

The campaign is off to a great start and funded in the first 22 hours.

Fox & Chicken - Werewolf hits the henhouse! -- Kicktraq Mini

For about $18, you get the base set of cards and all the cards that come with any stretch goals. Given the pace that the campaign is trending, I expect to see a bunch of stretch goals hit, so you’re getting a great deal on a fun game with tons of extra cards.

I like light, fun card games that are great for the family. Great art with a witty theme is a plus. If you like similar games or like Werewolf based games, I recommend you take a look at Fox & Chicken.

Check it out and back it.

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