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Monster Zoo: Draft – Version 0.1

Monster Zoo: Draft is a card game that I have been working on for the past month. It’s a lighter, easier to play game with the same theme as it’s older brother Monster Zoo. In the game, players take on the role of new Zookeepers, trying to fill their empty Zoos with Monsters from the wild.

The game’s main mechanic is card drafting (inspired by 7 Wonders & Sushi Go). Players are dealt 7 cards to start the game. Each turn, all players choose 1 card from their hand, plays the card, and passes the remaining cards to the player on their left.

As cards go around, players will be trying to complete sets of Monsters and prevent other players from doing the same. You can try to build a large set for a ton of points, but run the risk that another player will stop you from completing your set. There are also special cards that add deeper strategy elements. The game should feel light and fun to play with a wide variety of ages and gamers.

I think it’s in a good place for playtesting now, so here’s the print-and-play version:

Monster Zoo: Draft is a light card drafting game for 2-5 players that lasts about 20 minutes. I’m eager to hear your thoughts!