Early Designs for Monster Zoo Cards

04 03 02 01

Here are some early designs for the cards from Monster Zoo.

At the top there’s a prominent Food cost number for all the cards. The card’s effect is located at the bottom. With the new design, Food values and Zoo Effects have different colors to make them standout in the card text.

This was the first design with concept art for each of the Monsters. Every Monster type (Boogly, Zoogly, Oogly) is considered a unique “family” or “race” of Monsters. So the art for each individual Monster from the same type will have some similar traits. Each Monster type has it’s own color theme so card from the same type can be easily identified while playing.

We picked a fun font for the Monster names to give the game a bit of theme flavor.

Here’s how these same cards looked previously:

balloons   flo-booglybossi-zoogly   fifi-oogly


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