First Step

Starting a new journey is an exciting and scary adventure, you never know where it will lead, where that first step will take you.

Inspired by my wife and son, I’ve decided to venture into the land of game publishing. This is my first step.

As a new games publisher and designer, I’m still figuring everything out. It might be helpful if I list out what I hope this blog will be about:

  • The blog will be primarily about Ruby Cow Games and it’s progression from an idea to a real games publisher. I’ll discuss how a game is taken from idea to a physical product as I am working through the process. I imagine things won’t always work out smoothly, so we’ll talk about all the setbacks as well.
  • I will discuss game design and games that I am working on. This is something I have become increasingly interested in over the past few years. I’m hoping that this will generate some lively feedback about the games and help me improve them.
  • There will also likely be some other random topics, although I’ll try and keep things focused on game publishing, game design, and Ruby Cow Games.

As for where this will go, we’ll have to see when we get there. Thanks for taking this first step with me.


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