Looking for Playtesters for Monster Zoo (Online Version)

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been feverishly playtesting Monster Zoo with a small handful of playtesters. The game is working well and the cards feel balanced. Feedback has been very positive and I’m happy with how the game is progressing.

But it’s not quite ready for launch (on Kickstarter)! Before I release it, I need more playtesters to make sure the game is as awesome and fun as possible. As a playtester, you’ll have direct influence on how Monster Zoo develops. Input from our playtesters is critical and I spend a lot of time incorporating playtesting feedback.

In order to help out playtesting, I’ve developed an online version of Monster Zoo. The online version is limited to just our playtesters, so you’ll be one of the first few to play Monster Zoo.




Shoot me an email at michael@rubycowgames.com with the subject “Playtesting“. I’ll contact you back and get you setup.

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